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Although I have been designing scenery since I was 14, I haven't sought full time freelance scenic design work until now. For the past 25 years I have studied all aspects of theatre production and education while pursuing my love of scenery on the side. Now I would like to bring my skills as a theatre artist to new and exciting venues and shows.

Here are some things that I have learned about sets and scenic design:

A set should support a show and its story.

A designer should work for (and with) a director as that director strives to interpret a playwright's message.

If I want to "express myself" I can paint and sculpt. The beauty of design is how it fits into the show as a whole. The danger of design is how quickly it can get in the way.

A good artist is uncompromising. A great designer must be flexible.

A set design must fit the scale of its show, its venue and even its budget.

There is no better, no subtler way to support a good play than an excellent scene design.

If your show needs a talented, creative, hard working scenic designer, I would love to work with you.

My Biography:
I have been active in the theatre since grade school. In high school I learned that there was niche for people who's love a theatre was matched by their desire to build and paint. My fascination with "Scenic Design" led me to Southwest Texas State (now TSU) and the program of the brilliant design professor, Dr. Daniel Hannon.
While at school I met a young dancer turned stage manager named Heather. Our Love of theatre and our love for each other grew as we interned together at the Point Theatre in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.
From there we married and moved to Philadelphia, where I earned a Master's Degree in Fine Arts at Temple University. We worked for several years in professional theatres in Philly and later Austin.
The last decade we have managed a wonderful facility in Kerrville Texas (The Cailloux Theatre) as well as the community theatre company (Playhouse 2000) that calls it home. Now we spend much of our time as theatre educators and parents. I am looking forward to moving back to my roots and working as scenic designer again.




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